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We are beginning to build this knowledge base. It takes a long time to create them. So, my expectations are that you try to contribute a new piece of knowledge or modify an existing piece. I do NOT expect us to completely populate this site. I'd like you to contribute something. Yes "something" is a broad word. Let's see how it works, how we can use it, and how it can help us learn. -SG

Unit 9 Instructions

There is no team component in this unit. We are all one big, happy team!

1. Choose a Topic (or Topics):

Individually, you are responsible for choosing at least one component of Unversal Design for Learning (UDL), researching that component, and contributing to that component's page in this wiki. Although you are only asked to contribute to one component, feel free to contribute to all of them!

  • To contribute to any page simply click on that page's "edit" tab at the top of the page and begin writing. Yes, you can even edit other people's work; be kind. There are Help:Editing links on every Edit page to help you do this.
  • To discuss a topic without changing any of the topic information, use the "discussion" tab at the top of the page. Once you are on the "Talk" page you can discuss the topic on the "article" page, without impacting the article itself. To add to a Talk page, simply click on that page's "edit" tab.

The components (articles) that you are responsible for populating (editing) appear as bold, blue links under the UDL and the Link to Brain Research heading on the IT6740 UDL Main Page.

2. Reference Your Work:

  • Wherever applicable, include an external link to the source of your information. To add an external hyperlink to your text as you are editing, put brackets around the URL, a [SPACE], and the textual-name you want to give to the link. For example, you would link to the "Google Homepage" like this [ Google Homepage]. This will show up as Google Homepage.
  • Also, place a Bibliography/Webliography entry on the UDL Resources page.

3. Enter Your Conclusion(s):

Tell us about what Universal Design for Learning means, on the UDL Conclusions page when you feel you are finished contributing.

A bit of housekeeping...

You may want to create a User Account for the wiki, so that we may look at a page's "History" tab and identify what you have contributed. If you choose not to create an account, your contributions will be identified only by your computer's IP Address (, for example).

To create a User Account:

  • Click on the "create an account or log in" link in the upper-right corner of this page (or click here)
  • Enter a User Name, Password (twice), and Real Name
  • Click the "Create new account" button


Following the creation of your account, every time you return to the wiki you may log in and ensure that your contributions are identifiable.

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